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Full Set Bundle

Supporting you and your little one from birth to 12 months!


Supporting you and your little one from birth to 12 months!

Purchase the FULL SET and save over 20% off.

You’ll have access to the award-winning, full set of 13 Age Basics™ eBooks – supporting you and your little one from Birth – 12 Months, plus a copy of the Safe Sleep – Room Temperature and Sleepwear Guide eBook and the Grandparents and Carers Guide eBook.

These Age Basics™ eBooks will provide you with basic information about how to correctly set up sleep and routine for your baby from day one.

All my eBooks are all very similar because month by month, your baby’s healthy sleep foundations won’t change much at all. However, as your baby grown there are important changes to their feeds, naps, wake times etc. that you need to know about. Topics covered include:

  • Sleep requirements
  • Daytime routine and naps
  • Night time routine
  • Feeding
  • Tired signs
  • Sleep environment
  • Sleeping attire
  • Self-settling, crying and more.

My comprehensive 15-page Safe Sleep – Room Temperature and Sleepwear Guide eBook is a simple, easy to follow resource designed to help you decide what your baby or child’s room temperature should be and how best to dress them when they sleep so they are always cosy and snug. Topics covered include:

  • Safe Sleep
  • Room Temperature
  • Heating Devices
  • Cooling Devices
  • Swaddles
  • Sleep suits and more.

My comprehensive 15-page Grandparents and Carers Guide eBook is a simple and straightforward educational resource designed to help grandparents and carers care for your little one/s when you can’t be there. This eBook also contains easy-to-follow, reusable ‘All About Me’ and ‘All About My Day’ handover forms that capture all the sleep and routine information needed to give you peace of mind when you leave your little one in the care of others.

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