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Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep

When your baby or child won’t sleep, the whole family is left feeling frustrated, irritable and disconnected. Your little one is unhappy, and you miss out on the time you need for yourself – or if you do get it, you’re too tired to enjoy it.

At Sleep by Steph, we take a simple, straightforward approach to helping you that combines comprehensive education on safe, healthy sleep with genuine care and support. We really do mean it when we say your health and well-being are important to us.

Foundations First™ Sleep and Routine Video Course

Our signature course will set you up with everything you need to know to achieve sleep success for your whole family – including you!


Sleep for your little one is a basic human need - it shouldn't be complicated. We make helping your baby or child get the rest they need as simple as possible.


You’ll learn exactly what your baby or child needs to make sleep happen easily and without stress – for them and for you.


Safe sleep practices are an important part of our course – we’ll empower you with all the details you need to know.

When you enrol in our Foundations First™ Sleep and Routine Video Course, you get instant access to:

8 x easy-to-watch video lessons (total video content = 70 minutes) – designed for you to watch whenever and wherever works best for you.

A step-by-step sleep and routine plan – with comprehensive guidance on what to expect and how to implement and maintain your plan for sleep success that lasts.

Bonus supporting materials

1 x Sleep by Steph Age Basics™ eBook – matched to the age of your little one

Printable logs – for tracking sleep and routine patterns and helping you see your progress

By the end of the course, you’ll have learned all the essentials, how to apply them to your own unique situation, and how to make adjustments when they’re needed. Essentially, you’ll have become your little one’s very own sleep expert!

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Steph, and my amazing team and I are here to help you and your family get the quality sleep you deserve.

We know sleep deprivation because we’ve been there. We’ve struggled through the brain fog, we know what it’s like to feel constantly overwhelmed, and we’ve had the same destructive worry that we weren’t good parents.

Hear me when I say this: you are a great parent, and with the right education and support, you can get the sleep you and your little one so desperately need.

Our services and resources are designed to educate and empower you. We believe in a positive and practical approach to ensure everyone in the family gets a great night’s sleep – because families who sleep well are happy ones!

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Explore our full range of comprehensive, easy-to-follow and affordable eBooks and audio files, created to teach you the essentials of establishing and maintaining healthy sleep routines for your little ones from one-day-old to 12-years-old!

Overwhelmed and not sure where to begin?

A comprehensive Consultation Call with one of our sleep experts gives you customised one-to-one support and guidance. You’ll finish the call with a clear plan you can start working on the same day to make a great night’s sleep a reality for your little one.


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Australia’s leading Baby and Child Sleep Experts

Our expert sleep team are qualified baby and child sleep consultants and registered nurses. And we’re mums too! It’s our education and expertise along with our experience that make us Australia’s leading baby and child sleep experts.

Sleep starts with Steph

Start getting the quality sleep you and your family deserve with our FREE Sleep Starts with Steph Mini Course.

Sleep starts with Steph

Start getting the quality sleep you and your family deserve with our FREE 3-Day Sleep and Routine Kickstart email series.