Achieve sleep success for your whole family.

One-on-One Support

When you’re beyond exhausted and feeling really stuck, a Consultation Call can help.

Steph will walk you through what you need to do to get your baby or child sleeping ASAP and firmly on track to sleep success for the weeks, months and years to come.

You’ll leave the call feeling supported and empowered to take the next steps and be the confident parent you want to be for your little one.

Consultation Call

$ 99
60 minutes

Perfect for families who want to get started with individualised solutions to their sleep struggles, supported by Steph.


Consultation Call

$ 99
30 minutes

Works well for families who have previously worked with Steph and want some follow-up support, including a review of their progress, support to adjust their sleep plan, discussing how to move forward, or just a chat with someone who understands you and cares.


Not sure which call option is right for you?

When you know you need some help but you’re not sure which call option to choose, we recommend starting with the Basic Consultation Call. A chat Steph will help you get clear on what you need, the kind of support you’re looking for, and where to go from here.

Can I book a home visit instead?

Like all Sleep by Steph offerings, our Consultation Calls are designed to educate, guide and support you to become the sleep expert in your little one’s life. Steph makes them as thorough and comprehensive as she can to get you feeling confident and capable to manage sleep without the need for a home visit.


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