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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We’ve got answers. 

Explore our frequently asked questions to find the information you need quickly and easily. From Steph’s approach to sleep to questions about the resources and services provided by Sleep by Steph, our comprehensive FAQ section is here to assist you on your journey.

Do Sleep by Steph’s Age Basics™ eBooks and Foundations First™ Video Course actually work?

Hundreds of families from all over the world have achieved great sleep success by following Sleep by Steph’s guidelines and recommendations.

Sleep by Steph’s products and services are all about SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD, SAFE SLEEP.

When you trust, commit, and stay consistent with Sleep by Steph, you will be amazed by how easy and effortless sleep for you and your little one can be.


Sleep by Steph’s products and services have proven effective for people who have tried other sleep consultants (sometimes multiple), Sleep School, and many of the different online sleep programs that are available in Australia and around the world.

Sleep by Steph educates and empowers parents first and foremost.

With Sleep by Steph, you will become the expert when it comes to setting up all the healthy sleep FOUNDATIONS and how best to support your baby or child during the ‘falling to sleep’ process now and in the years ahead.

Steph will give you everything you need to know about how to resolve your little one’s sleep issues. If implementing the guidelines and recommendations sees no change in the challenging sleep patterns, then you will need to take the guidelines and recommendations and adjust them slightly to suit your baby or child and the situation that is in front of you.


  • The reasons for sleep struggles across all ages tend to be the same or similar.
  • Babies and children of a similar age have similar sleep needs every 24 hours.
  • Babies and children all need the same or similar healthy sleep foundations set up for them in order to achieve great sleep.
  • If the foundations are in place first, all healthy babies and children should fall off to sleep on their own when given time and space and/or by using the 2 settling methods Sleep by Steph recommends.


  • Every baby and child is different.
  • Your baby or child may need shorter wake times, longer wake times, more warmth, less warmth, shorter feeds, longer feeds, more solids, fewer solids, and so on.
  • The beauty of Sleep by Steph is that we are there to guide you. You will tweak things as needed based on YOUR baby or child and YOUR individual situation.
Babies and children of all ages thrive on routine and consistency. Make sleep a priority for your little one and for you too from Day 1 (or as early as possible). All healthy babies and children are capable of drifting off to sleep easily and naturally. Your baby or child will only sleep well if their overall 24-hour routine, processes, and sleep environment are set up correctly and consistently. A happy, well-rested baby or child equals happy, well-rested parents.

CIO or Controlled Crying are terms we don’t use here at Sleep by Steph. These terms cause unnecessary worry and concern. Babies and children may cry during the ‘falling to sleep’ process for many different reasons i.e., exhaustion, tiredness, frustration, and so on.

We want all parents to understand that not all crying is ‘bad’. With education, guidance, and support Steph will help you uncover why the crying is happening in the first place and when you should comfort your baby or child, versus when it’s best to step back and let them drift off to sleep on their own.

Steph encourages all parents to go in and hold their little ones during the ‘going to sleep process’ if they need you to. In saying that, Steph also encourages parents not to rush straight to their baby or child at the first sign of crying. Steph wants you and your little one to feel confident and comfortable. That way you will remain consistent and motivated plus your little one will feed off your positive energy which is exactly what Steph wants.


Safe sleeping guidelines and recommendations are discussed in all of the Sleep by Steph’s products and services.

By following Sleep by Steph’s guidelines and recommendations, you should see great improvements in your little one’s sleep very quickly.

Night sleep tends to fall into place within the first few nights. Once the night sleep is going well, the naps then follow.

Your little one’s sleep will be a work in progress, that will evolve and consolidate beautifully over time.

Steph does recommend you commit to being home for a good 5-7 days when you first start implementing your new sleep habits. Keeping everything 100% consistent in the early days will help your baby or child. It will help you with the overall process too.

Sleep by Steph helps families with babies and children of all ages – newborn to age 12.

If you’re expecting or have just had your baby, our Birth – 4 Weeks Age Basics™ eBook or our Foundations First™ Video Course would be perfect for you.

If you have an older baby or child, you’ll find an Age Basics™ eBook that’s perfect for you too, or our Foundations First™ Video Course would be suitable for you too.

Absolutely Steph can help! With multiple babies, the aim is to set up their sleep and routine so they are in ‘sync’ with each other. So, ideally, their natural feed / play / sleep cycles match up and they are doing everything at the same / similar time. Steph’s eBooks and videos are suitable because what you implement for one bub you do exactly the same for 2, 3, 4 and so on.

Absolutely. Steph has helped many families achieve sleep success even when their babies have been diagnosed with reflux and colic. Steph also has personal experience with reflux, colic, allergies, and intolerances as all three of her children had issues when they were babies. 

This isn’t something we can answer for you. It will depend on your situation, needs and your budget.

Steph’s Age Basics™ eBooks are an affordable option to start with.

The Foundations First™ Video Course is a more comprehensive product that offers more in-depth education and guidance.

Foundations First™ covers EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up the healthy sleep foundations for your little one/s. Once you are well educated and have implemented the foundations, then they don’t change again. As your baby grows and develops changes to their nap times, awake windows etc., will change, however, the foundations will ALWAYS stay the same.

If your baby is 8 months, but only a week away from being 9 months, we recommend you get the 9 months eBook.

This way, by the time you read the eBook, make any changes to your baby’s sleep environment, sleepwear, etc. and prepare to start making changes, the age-based eBook you’ve purchased will be spot on.

If your baby or child has only just turned a particular month or year, we recommend you purchase the month or year they are at.

If your baby was born younger than 36 weeks gestation, they will be classed as ‘premature’ and given a ‘corrected age’.

To get the most out of our eBooks we recommend you purchase the eBook that lines up with their ‘corrected age’.

Steph is available for private 30-minute and 60-minute consultation calls. You can book in a Consultation Call with Steph to troubleshoot, brainstorm, and work through any challenges you may be having. 

All Consultation Calls are conducted during business hours by Steph.  

Wait times for Consultation Calls vary. If you are waiting for a call, we strongly encourage you to check out the Foundations First™ Sleep & Routine Video Course in the interim.

The Consultation Call option is just that – one call. During the call, Steph will talk through any questions or challenges you may be having, help you identify where things need a tweak and how to make those tweaks happen. She will then set you up with a plan of attack for you to go off and implement on your own.

We encourage clients to book a 30 minute Basic Consultation Call if there are any follow up questions they would like answered.

Home Visits and Home Stays are not available at the moment. As a general rule we find for most families, the education and support we provide are more than enough to achieve sleep success.

We don’t believe in ‘regressions’ or ‘leaps’ here at Sleep by Steph, which means you can start our program at any stage of your little one’s life.

You can implement the recommendations from DAY 1! Healthy sleep foundations are SO important for your little one from the get go.

You will need to check your junk, spam, promotion, or other folders as sometimes our emails with important information end up in there. eBooks are released to the nominated email address you use at checkout, please ensure your details are correct.

Absolutely! The download link has an expiry of 30 days. Please ensure you download and save your eBook to your device so it’s there for you to access forever.

The foundations stay the same from month to month across all of my Age Basics™ eBooks, however, as your baby grows and develops there are important changes in relation to feeding, introducing solids, naps and nap transitions, awake times etc. Lots of our families choose to upgrade their eBook each month so as they can be prepared and confident moving into the next month of their little one’s life.

We do not recommend one particular brand of heater. There are many great brands on the market, ranging in power, function and price. It is up to each individual family to do their own research to find a heating device they feel most comfortable using. Refer to our Safe Sleep – Room Temperature and Sleepwear Guide eBook for more information about how to ensure your baby or child is warm, cozy and safe during sleep.