Achieve sleep success for your whole family.

Ongoing Group Support

Are you tired of hearing confusing, contradictory advice on your little one’s sleep?

Do you want a judgement-free space to chat and feel part of a community that cares?

Do you love everything we offer but want more ongoing support?

Community Check-In Group Calls

$ 0
60 minutes

We know that being a parent can be joyful, fulfilling and magical. And we know it can be exhausting, relentless and incredible lonely too.

Our twice-weekly Community Check-In Group Calls are here to give you the ongoing support you’ve been looking for on your parenting journey.


Warm, empathetic community

Your sleep and routine questions answered live

Actionable expert guidance

How it works

1. Select the date and time of the Community Check-In Group Call you'd like to join. Group Calls are held twice a week - every Tuesday at 10am AEST and Thursday at 1pm AEST.

2. Complete the details on the payment page. Our Community Check-In Group Calls are an affordable, effective way to feel supported for just $19.95 per call.

3. Receive your unique link to join the 60-minute group Q&A video call with Leading Baby & Child Sleep Expert, Steph Gouin.

Is the Community Check-In Group Call right for me?

Our Community Check-In Group Calls are for any parent or parent figure who wants a safe group space to share their baby or child's sleep and routine highs, lows and everything in between!

Whether your little one is 12 weeks, 12 months or 12 years old, this is a space for you to:

- ask your sleep and routine questions,
- troubleshoot your ongoing issues with Steph's straightforward expert guidance, and
-connect with others going through the same challenges.

You might be looking for pointers on how to manage early rising or catnapping, or you might just need some reassurance that you're on the right track to sleep success.

Whatever you want to talk about, Steph is here for it!

Hello, I'm Steph!

I'm a registered nurse of over 20 years (currently non-practising), a mum of three, and I'm Australia's leading Baby and Child Sleep Consultant. I want you and your family get the quality sleep you deserve and I am here to make it happen.


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