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Should I purchase an eBook or the consultation package?

This isn’t something I can answer for you. It will depend on your situation, your budget and how much support you think you will need.

My eBooks are an affordable option to start with. Learn about health sleep foundations, sleep environments, and age-based routines.

My consultation package option is more comprehensive and allows for a more tailored approach to help you and your family. Ongoing support and education via my exclusive 'Sleep School with Steph' Facebook Group is included in my consultation package.


Which eBook would you suggest I get when my little one is almost at the next age group?

If your baby is say 8 months, but only a week away from being 9 months, go for the 9 month eBook.

This way, by the time you read the eBook, make any changes to your baby’s sleep environment, sleepwear etc. and prepare to start making changes, the age-based eBook you’ve purchased will be spot on.


Do you do Home Visits or Home Stays?

I'm not doing Home Visits and Home Stays at the moment. As a general rule I find for most families, the education and support I provide them via phone is more than enough to get them on track.

In the future, upon request and pending my availability, I may be able to come and visit you and your family in your Melbourne-based home.


How long will I have to wait to book a consultation?

Usually I’m available within 1-2 weeks, however, occasionally it may be longer.


What ages do you help?

I help families with children of all ages (newborn right through).

My Age Basics eBooks start from birth all the way through to primary school aged children.


My baby has reflux/colic, can you still help us?

Absolutely. I have worked with many families who have babies diagnosed with reflux and colic. Often, these babies are very sleep deprived and once we work on their sleep and routine, the symptoms of what was thought to be either reflux or colic disappear.


My little one sleeps well during the day but is terrible at night (or vise versa), can you help?

I sure can. When we work together, we will be looking at the whole 24 hours because day affects night and night affects day. You want your little one getting enough total sleep every 24 hours. When this happens they will feel happy and refreshed.


Do you use CIO or Controlled Crying?

These terms are very controversial and cause unnecessary distress and concern.

Babies and children cry for many different reasons i.e. exhaustion, tiredness, frustration and so on. Not all crying is “bad” and not all crying requires immediate intervention. Yes, there may be tears and fussing early on when you start implementing your new sleep habits however the tears come because there is change, which can feel unusual and unfamiliar and because your little one is just as exhausted as you are.

Once you start implementing your plan, the new way of doing things becomes the “norm” and once your little one starts sleeping, the tears will decrease (and the smiles will increase).

I encourage you to go in and hold your little one during the “going to sleep process” if they need you to. I like to educate parents about why babies cry, how to begin to interpret what they might be trying to communicate through their cry and how best to respond.

It sounds complex but in time you will find yourself understanding your baby more and more and how to best respond to them will become second nature to you. It’s so important you feel confident and comfortable. That way you will remain consistent and motivated plus your little one will feed off your positive energy which is exactly what we want.


What are your core beliefs and philosophies?
  • Babies and children thrive on routine and consistency
  • Make sleep a priority for your little one and for you from Day 1 (or as early as possible)
  • All healthy babies and children are capable of putting themselves to sleep, easily and naturally
  • There is no such thing as a baby or child who hates sleeping
  • Your baby or child will only sleep well if their overall 24-hour routine, processes and sleep environment is set up correctly.
  • A happy, well-rested little one equals a happy, well-rested parent.


Do you support all styles of parenting?

Yes! I respect and support all styles of parenting.

In saying that, my values and philosophies may not fully align with all styles of parenting (attachment parenting included) and for parents who require alternative support and assistance, I will happily put you in contact with a Sleep Consultant who shares the same parenting values and beliefs.


Do you follow safe sleeping practices?



How long will it take for my little one to start sleeping better?

By following my guidelines and recommendations you should see great improvements in your little one’s sleep very quickly.

Night sleep tends to fall into place within the first few nights. Once the night sleep is going well, the naps then follow.

Your little one’s sleep will be a work in progress, that will evolve and consolidate beautifully over time.

Will I get any follow up support?

Yes indeed!

When you purchase the consultation package you'll gain access to my exclusive 'Sleep School with Steph' Facebook Group (3 months initially with option to extend).

This group is a safe, non-judgmental and caring community where you’ll be supported and guided by me and all the other wonderful Mums and Dads in the group too.