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Does Your “Fussy” or “High-Needs” Baby Just Need Sleep?

During my discussions with families who need support with baby and child sleep, I often come across new terms or labels to describe things they’ve been told are contributing to their sleep issues.  Probably one of the most common things I hear is that their little one is a “high-needs (HN)” baby. The problem is […]

Foundations: the Key to Baby Sleep

Having a newborn to love and care for brings many parents feelings of overwhelming joy and happiness. As their little one happily feeds and sleeps, they marvel at the life they have created and the life they will share together in the years ahead.  But for others, the initial elation of their child’s arrival quickly […]

Do Babies Really Need Daytime Naps?

Your baby drifts off for their nap and you finally get some time to yourself. But no sooner does that hot cup of coffee reach your lips than they wake up again. It starts to feel like the daytime nap isn’t even worth it! So, is it? One of the questions I get asked a […]