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Sleep deprivation is making you an unhappy parent right now.

You’re surviving on caffeine, exhausted, snappy with your loved ones and not being kind to yourself.

I’ve been there too. 

But I assure you, things can be different. You can get through this, just like I did and hundreds of other parents I’ve worked with.

We all need sleep to survive and it should happen easily and naturally. Yet, for so many babies, children and even adults, sleep is hard and has become complicated and confusing. But it doesn’t need to be. 

To help you, I’ve condensed my consultation method into one simple and easy to follow course, together with 12 months of my support so you can start to feel hopeful and confident about how to help your little one sleep easily and effortlessly – all in the comfort of your own home.

Families That Sleep Are Happy Families

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I’m a certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, registered nurse of 15 years and mum of three – Poppy, Harry and Edward.

Sleep hasn’t always come easy to us as a family. When Poppy and Harry were born (now 8 and 6) I was thrown into the deep, dark depths of sleep deprivation – and boy did I struggle. I remember saying to my husband during one of Poppy’s epic night crying sessions,

“Why did we do this?!”

I seriously wanted to send her back to the hospital. But I’m glad I didn’t.

It was in that moment though that I decided there had to be a better way, and I wasn’t going to accept this as normal.

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If you’re ready for a good night’s sleep, you’ve come to the right place. Register for my at-home Sleep School with Steph Program where you’ll learn -

  • How to establish a CONSISTENT DAILY ROUTINE.
  • TIRED SIGNS and how best to respond to them.
  • How to set up the ideal SLEEP ENVIRONMENT.

 PLUS, you’ll receive

  • 60-Minute Phone or Video Call Consultation with Steph
  • Evaluation of your little one’s SLEEP HISTORY and SLEEP ENVIRONMENT
  • Sleep by Steph Age Basics eBook x 1
  • BONUS Module - How to Settle Your Baby or Child
  • 12 MONTHS ACCESS to my exclusive "Sleep School with Steph" private Facebook Group – a safe, non-judgmental, caring community where you’ll be supported by me with regular live Q&A sessions, live topic sessions with industry experts, access to bonus resources based on your child’s development age and more.
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"I cannot say thank you enough for what you’ve done for us. I was literally crying from desperation/sleep deprivation, and not being the mum I wanted to be to all my children. You’re a superstar, and I’m so glad I was put in touch with you".

Carla, Melbourne

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"And then Steph came along. Thank God! Steph, throughout the two weeks we worked with you, you were so committed to our success. You were constantly checking in and guiding us, and I felt really confident that I was in the best hands".

Lauren, Ormond

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"From birth until 8 months our son would only sleep 40 mins at a time day and night. Steph saved us and within the first 48 hours we had a different baby!! I loved that Steph cared about me as a mum and how I was feeling as well and worked with me on an approach I felt comfortable with! I can not thank you enough Steph".

Zoe, Melbourne

No matter your style of parenting, by the end of the program you and your baby will be set up for well-deserved and good night’s sleep.


If you’re tired of being tired.

Living on a few hours of broken sleep and feeling there is no end in sight.

Overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting sleep advice out there.

If your little one is waking frequently overnight and taking a long time to go back to sleep.

Or they are catnapping all day everyday.

And bedtime is always a battle.

Then this program will set you up for sleep success.

I’ll be here to guide you through any challenges that present themselves and reassure you every step of the way over the course of 12 months.

Common questions:

The result?

You’ll feel well informed, calm and confident to be in control of a solid sleep routine and equipped with the knowledge to troubleshoot those ‘off’ days. If you consistently stick with my recommendations and advice, I guarantee in time you and your family will get the full night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.


As a certified sleep professional, I provide a range of services to help you solve your sleep challenges once and for all. I’m here to guide you through this and help you understand why sleep is not happening before providing you with simple and effective solutions. No gimmicks, no ‘magical’ sleep products required and no exhausting processes that you need to commit to for weeks on end.

Establishing healthy sleep and routine habits for everyone in the family is achievable. I know, because I’ve done it for my own family and hundreds of families around the world too. Now it’s your turn for a good night’s sleep.

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