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"Steph’s eBooks were exactly what I needed to set good sleep foundations from the beginning. My 12-week-old baby is now sleeping through the night and sleeps soundly in his cot during the day, usually falling asleep in just a few minutes. Heaven."

Helen, Bentleigh East

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"Steph's eBooks (which I've purchased a number of) have become a source of empowerment as a new parent. Steph does an incredible job at, succinctly and lovingly, walk you through the key pillars and steps to take to make your journey as a parent a rested one. I honestly, hand in heart, cannot recommend Steph enough."

Agus, Bentleigh

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 "Cannot thank Steph enough. After following Steph’s eBooks diligently, our little boy has slept through every night for the last week! I honestly never thought this day would happen after over a month of him waking every hour through the night. He has become the happiest little baby and I’ve been become a much more confident mum loving the time with my boy. Very highly recommend!"

Lou, Melbourne