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Meet our Qualified Sleep Experts

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Steph Gouin

Founder and Leading Baby & Child Sleep Expert


My name is Steph Gouin and I am a qualified Baby and Child Sleep Expert, Registered Nurse (currently non-practising) Mum to three beautiful children, Poppy, Harry and Edward. Together with my husband Nick, we live in Bayside, Melbourne.

Sleep hasn’t always come easy to me. I’ve struggled with sleep deprivation for most of my life. I know and fully understand how poor, broken sleep can destroy you. I really do know how torturous it can be.

When I had my first and second babies, I was again thrown into the deep, dark depths of sleep deprivation and boy did I struggle. During one of Poppy’s epic night crying sessions, I remember saying to my husband “Why did we do this’?

My interest in baby and child sleep began when I had Poppy. I'm so passionate about the work I do and I gain great satisfaction from educating, supporting and guiding parent’s through their own journeys, as soon as their baby arrives and, in the years, beyond.

As Australia’s leading sleep expert, I am an International Keynote Speaker having travelled to the Middle East in 2019 to speak at a Toddler Health and Wellness Conference.

I have been published in numerous magazines and online parenting forums in Australia and the US. Over the years, I've been honoured to work alongside many incredible brands and businesses, including, Kidspot, ergoPouch and One Fine Baby, who are just as passionate about baby and child sleep as I am.

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Jas Clark 

Baby & Child Sleep Consultant
(currently on maternity leave)


My name is Jasmine Clark. I am a qualified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, a Registered Nurse, and Mum to my beautiful boy James who was born at the beginning of 2020.

When James was 4 months old I was desperately seeking help after an admission to our local Mother and Family unit with post-natal depression and anxiety, highly driven from sleep deprivation.

This is when we came across Steph. Steph changed our lives. Since working with Steph I have developed a strong passion for baby and child sleep and want other families to know that I GET IT! I understand, I have been there! You don’t have to just ‘put up’ with sleep deprivation- we can and WILL solve it together.

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There will always be a reason/s why you your baby or child is not sleeping. As qualified sleep professionals we provide a range of products and support services to help you solve your sleep challenges once and for all.  We will educate you so you understand why sleep is not happening and from there, we will give you simple and effective strategies to help you rectify the problem areas. Once you have the knowledge and skills, you become the expert and together, we will all work as a team towards helping your whole family sleep like a stars day and night.




  • Babies and children thrive on routine and consistency
  • Make sleep a priority for your little one and for you from Day 1 (or as early as possible)
  • All healthy babies and children are capable of putting themselves to sleep, easily and naturally
  • There is no such thing as a baby or child who hates sleeping
  • Your baby or child will only sleep well if their overall 24-hour routine, processes and sleep environment is set up correctly.
  • A happy, well-rested little one equals a happy, well-rested parent.




We always go above and beyond to make sure the families we work with feel well informed, supported, and cared for during our time together. Being Mums ourselves means we know how tiring having children is. We can fully relate, understand, and we are right there with you. We never judge or criticise parents for what they have done to get their baby or child to sleep before reaching out for help. All that matters is what we do moving forward.    

Meet our Admin Experts

Madeline Sherry

Administration Assistant


My name is Madeline Sherry and I am Steph's Administration Assistant. I am a registered Primary School Teacher (on leave) and Mum to three beautiful children, William, Lucy and Ellie. I live in Brisbane and work remotely for Sleep by Steph.

I take care of all of the behind-the-scenes work for Steph and the team. My favourite part of the role is hearing all of your success stories and working on new and TOP SECRET Sleep by Steph projects. I used Steph's Age Basics eBooks for my second baby, and it was honestly life changing - simple, straightforward advice and recommendations.

As a teacher, I saw how the quality of sleep significantly impacted a child's ability to maintain concentration and retain information. I honestly believe that by setting healthy sleep foundations and habits from day one, we are setting out children up for sleep success throughout their entire life. It is so fulfilling to work for a small business who I share the same values and beliefs with.

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Krystal Hudson

Kajabi Expert


My name is Krystal Hudson and I have been honoured to be a part of the Sleep by Steph Team since July 2021, supporting Steph with the build and ongoing maintenance of her beautiful website and online program.

I thrive off all things organisation, processes and planning (I'm a Virgo Moon for all those astrology lovers!) and have a mild obsession for doing and creating online courses. As Margaret Fuller beautifully said, "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it". And I love being able to support heart-centred business owners like Steph to share their light (and magic!) with the World.

I hope you have as much fun as I do working through this website and feel the love that has gone into every detail - all with a strong mission and dedication to support you on your journey through parenthood.

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"My baby has gone from waking all through the night to sleeping through. He's settling and resettling without help too. I honestly can't believe it. The Support Call with you was the best money I've ever spent. You made me feel so at ease and excited for the changes to come. Thank you so much. You are amazing".

Mandy, VIC

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"Steph is nothing short of amazing! Within 24 hours of engaging her services our little girl had one of her best night's sleep! The insight that Steph provided was so practical and easy to implement. Her approach is no-nonsense, logical and caring. I can't tell you what a great support she has been to our family and could not recommend her highly enough. If there is one thing you should invest in on this parenthood journey, this would be it. It is honestly the most worthwhile thing we have done for all of us!Do yourself a favour and book Steph to help you and your little one sleep better".

Lauren, VIC

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"After our consult with Jas we implemented everything and it's taken about a week but it's worked. No more early rising, no more catnapping in the late afternoon and bub is so happy. He even gave us his first laugh last week. We are so happy and you are all the best thing ever".

Jessie, WA

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